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Sarah Guo

Ents Officer

Hi guys! I'm a third-year medic at Medwards doing Pathology, and 1/3rd of your Ents team for this year!

Eamonn, Maya and I have all suffered through the first two years of pre-clinical studies and we know the importance of having lots of fun alongside your work, so we're here to organise a huge variety of events that we'd love for you to come to and enjoy! Having a place to destress, talk to and support your medic pals, or drink away your sorrows (we don't judge) is important and we want to provide a safe space for you to do that. In addition to MedSoc Ball, you can expect activities during the day, night, indoors, outdoors, with alcohol, without alcohol - you name it, we'll have it!

We are, of course, very open to hearing your suggestions so please feel free to message us with any ideas you may have. We look forward to meeting you guys later in the year!

Sarah Guo
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